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While balding is commonly associated with men, it can also impact women. A woman can also suffer from hair loss due to many reasons or experiences they have. It can be due to alopecia, surgery, or childbirth perhaps. Many other medical conditions can also cause women to experience hair loss. Thank goodness there is scalp micropigmentation or SMP, a proven hair loss solution not just for men but also for women.

Scalp micropigmentation for women in Miami is a fast-growing cosmetic treatment that is offered in many clinics. Though the treatment is pretty much the same, it differs between two sexes because of the different goals it aims to achieve. More specifically, the pattern in which the ladies lose their hair is far different from men.

What Is The Difference?

For scalp micropigmentation for men, thousands of tiny pigments are being deposited into the scalp to replicate the look of a full head of hair shaved to a short length. On the other hand, the case of scalp micropigmentation for females or females who don’t have complete baldness is different. The treatment is typically done on the scalp to eliminate or reduce the obvious contrast between the natural hair and the scalp skin.

Such a difference is so crucial as it totally changes the way the technician would perform the procedure. Once a guy experiences baldness, he usually loses his hair in a set pattern called male pattern baldness. This involves a recession of a man’s frontal hairline and thinning of hair in his crown. It is then followed by the eventual onset of complete baldness.

Conversely, when females lose their hair, the common result is diffuse thinning which causes their hair to lose across their entire scalp evenly. However, unlike men, women are almost impossible to go completely bald with their frontal hairline remaining intact. This is where SMP becomes a great solution to address your thinning hair problem.

How Does The Process Work?

The SMP technician works through your scalp by repeatedly parting your hair section by section while inserting pigment deeper down into your scalp. In scalp micropigmentation for women, the level of detail is not as equally important as that for the men. Blending also does not matter so much, but it is vital to ensure that your technician is applying a pigment that will not change color. Nonetheless, the end result is a perfect work that makes it hard to see the difference in color between your natural and your scalp, making your hair look much thicker than normal. Please visit our SMP blog to learn more about the treatment.

In terms of the procedure, it would take around 2-3 sessions of scalp micropigmentation for women to achieve the results you want. Each of the treatments usually lasts 2-3 hours but it varies, depending on your preferences. The process of inserting the pigments into your scalp can be repeated until you are satisfied that the semblance of fake hair perfectly blended with your natural hair.

How Effective is SMP For Women?

In general, scalp micropigmentation is very potent for those who are suffering from hair loss. It provides an effective solution to hide or totally conceal the problem. However, the end results greatly depend on how skillful the technician is, your own expectations of the treatment, and the suitability of the treatment plan that is created during the consultation process.

When those things are carefully taken into account, the result of the SMP will be entirely undetectable to the untrained eye. But for the guys who were previously bald with Norwood 7 baldness, then an instant stubble or hair regain might be very obvious. Luckily, for the ladies, this is not the case.

The results of scalp micropigmentation for women usually go unnoticed as most ladies losing their hair have often done a good job of concealing such a problem anyway, even prior to the procedure. As SMP for women is not designed to mimic shaved hair, rather reduce the contrast between the hair and the bare scalp, the visible difference before and after SMP becomes less dramatic and barely noticeable.

There is no wonder why most of our female clients are never detected to have this kind of cosmetic hair restoration method.

Who Can Benefit From SMP For Females?

One of the common questions from the female population is whether all women can have scalp micropigmentation done on their heads. Unfortunately, no. While the treatment does work great on redheads and brunettes, or even on blonde men, it is not advisable for blonde women. In terms of possibility, then it’s very possible to be done on blonde ladies but the visual effects may not be desirable.

Now, another related question that is very interesting to note is whether women can shave their heads and get SMP. Of course, they can though most women would never do so. But just in case you decide to try SMP and get your hair shaved, then you will go through the same treatment as scalp micropigmentation for men.

Lastly, if you are suffering from alopecia, which is a medical condition that involves generalized thinning of the hair, then this treatment would be a great solution for you. Either you have a patchy hair loss or total hair loss due to alopecia, your case will be assessed first to know what would be the most suitable camouflage treatment plan you need.

Would You Try It?

The biggest reason why there are fewer cases of scalp micropigmentation for women than there are for men is the fact that ladies are far less comfortable about letting the public know about it. However, you don’t have to feel the same way, too. Other women are now more open to get this cosmetic treatment and their number continues to grow.

So, if you are suffering from hair loss of whatever cause, be it alopecia, female pattern baldness, or postpartum, and want to effectively address it, have peace of mind knowing that a lot of other ladies have been enjoying the results of scalp micropigmentation for women. Just ensure that you select a provider and technician that can give you the best results possible.

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